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a little about me:

Basic personal stuff: I'm female, I'm in my twenty's, and I'm Canadain (so if you see a U in a word you didn't know had a U in it before, I'm sorry poor-non-Canadian, but that's just how we do things up here). I am also an aspiring writer.

On the note of writing, I also write fanfiction. Not a lot really, but enough. I writer heterosexual pairings as well as slash (homosexual) pairings, with a number of Gen scattered between. I tend to be a fairly casual shipper about almost every fandom I've ever been in - so I'm not fanatical about who ends up with who just so long as I can write it.

I write for all ratings so there are stories on this journal that range from G right up to NC-17. All of them are clearly labled when it comes to the NC-17 stuff. So please respect the ratings and the warnings. My kinks are my kinks and I don't expect everyone to share them. But I'm also not going to baby you either. Fair enough?</td>

my Fandoms:

Angel: The Series
Dark Angel
Harry Potter
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (a.k.a. SVU)
Pretender, The
*Stargate Atlantis
*Stargate SG1
X-Files, The

*indicate fandoms for which I have written

other things to know

This journal is 90% friends only. All of my fanfic is open to the public, you do not need to friend me to read my stories. But I'm certainly not going to object if you want to friend this journal anyway!

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