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Random updates and babbling about writing...

On TV Shows:

So, today I watched Saving Hope. I have to say that I really enjoyed the pilot! I'm not really one for medical shows or even criminal series (with the exception of SVU and Criminal Minds), but this one... I don't know, I think it had more to do with how the show doesn't seem to be just about the medical side. But about the lives and struggles of the people who picked medicine as a profession.

Also, how could I resist Michael Shanks?

I am also really getting into Continuum like seriously bad, lol. The idea of a world governed by corporations instead of governments is pretty interesting (specially when you look out to the world and see governments bending over backwards for companies and corporations). I like Kiera and find her to be a very sympathetic character (a woman completely displaced and torn from her family, from her son). But at the same time I'm more than a little interested in Liber8 as well - because for a militant group bent of preventing a corporate take over of the world... that's kind of awesome, too.

On Writing and Fic:

I have a few things on my plate for this right now. Most of which will likely never get done, but still something I want to try to finish, you know?

First and for most, is writing and finishing the damn second part to Servatis a Periculum for Supernatural. It was an idea that bit me in the ass and never really let go. However, now that I am writing the second part (and I am writing it), I'm finding myself bogged down with the little details of the world I have created for Dean and Sam. The political ramifications of revealing Dean as Dean Winchester to the wider world, of drawing a line in the sand against the Order. The possibly world ending implications of Cain. You name it. Also, it's really fucking hard to write details about a world when the narrative of the story isn't meant to go into those details because Dean doesn't care about them - or the world for that matter.

Secondly, I'm starting to get back into writing for SGA. And now that I am falling in love with the characters again, I'm trying to finish/add more to the Finding Emily Series. A series that I have, every once in a while, gone in and added a hundred or so words here, a scene and half there. I know how the story ends. I know exactly how that last segment of the entire series is going to read and I have the damn thing written out (long hand)! But it's all the details in between that cause an issue with just slapping out that last instalment and then filling in the gaps. It would make absolutely no sense to any reader except for myself because I know how they go to that point.

Thirdly, I'm still itching to write a Spock/Uhura story, and most likely a Tarrant Hightopp/Alice Kingsley (AiW) story too. But every where I look you see the origin stories and the return to Underland stories. Its kind of hard to escape when the story you want to tell doesn't do anything to stand out from the rest of the pack. Not that standing out from the pack in necessary, I just don't really like falling into a vein that I may never get out of.

Forthly, I still have the Leverage Bingo to complete. Stories which I am writing (mostly on my lunch breaks at work - because who the hell is going to bug me at 3am when I'm sitting outsite with a notebook and a pack of smokes and a death glare for anyone approaching the picnic bench?).

Lastly, I also signed up for [community profile] caffeinatedmagic a crossover community. I will be writing a crossover of SGA & Leverage to one of the following prompts: defiant, As I Lay Dying, The Dog Bites Back. Which should be pretty interesting to me. At least I'm looking forward to writing this kind of story. I think. Maybe. It depends on how much sleep I get in the next few days.

And PS to the writing bit:

I think I want to write a Sheppard/Teyla story using a poem by Rudyard Kipling - The Female of the Species - as a kick off. Only I'm kind of going in a very different direction mentally, because as much as the poem acted as the catalyst, I'm actually writing a Sheppard/Teyla story that deals with Todd and the Wraith and what a Queen means to male Wraith and what it means for the Teyla to be a female with Wraith DNA... and yeah...

Now, I should be sleeping, or at least laying in bed instead of writing this all out. I do need to work tonight and I want to go in to work not looking like the walking dead. There has already been too much talk of zombies and zombie apocalypses between the boys (which is really something that should be expected considering I am the only female who works overnights at a drug store that is regularly robbed from and staffed by a bunch of misfits).

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